D-Star Repeater

  • FREQUENCY – 145.3050 -0.6000
  • XMTR & RCVR – ICOM-RP2000V
  • ANTENNA – Celwave Super Station Master, 5db gain
  • DUPLEXER – Wacom 6 can 300 watt
  • LOCATION – WMTV, TV channel 15 (west side of Madison)
  • HEIGHT – 750 ft. (1800ft. MSL)
  • Repeater Status: Connected to the internet

To program your radio for use on this repeater:

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146.760/146.160 REPEATER

  • FREQUENCY – Input: 146.160 MHz Output: 146.760 MHz
  • XMTR & RCVR – Yaesu Vertex 5000
  • CONTROLLER – Pacific Research – RI 310
  • POWER SUPPLY – Astron, 50 amp
  • ANTENNA – Comet GP6
  • LOCATION – University of Wisconsin Hospital
  • HEIGHT – 1120 ft. MSL
  • ERP – 90 watts
  • ACCESS – Carrier and PL (3Z, 123.0 hz)
  • TIMER – 3 minutes, reset by “beep” courtesy tone

Welcome to the Madison Area Repeater Association

The Madison Area Repeater Association (MARA) is located in Madison, Wisconsin. MARA is a non-profit organization incorporated under Wisconsin statutes as an amateur radio club. We are affiliated with the Wisconsin Association of Repeaters.

MARA operates three 2-meter repeaters in Madison. All repeaters have emergency power. The 147.15/.75 MHz repeater is located on the west side of Madison at a height of 750ft (1800ft. MSL). This is also a dual mode repeater which will pass both digital and analog. Our D-Star repeater is on 145.305/.705 MHz and is co- located with the 147.15 MHz machine. Our third repeater on 146.76/.16 MHz is located on the UW campus in Madison at (1120 ft. MSL) and still has Autopatch. These repeater systems are funded by membership dues as well as proceeds from our annual Hamfest.

As a MARA member, you are entitled to use all three repeaters along with the autopatch system and other useful features and controller codes on the repeaters. You may also hold office on the board of directors, vote on all club matters, accept appointed positions.