D-Star Repeater

  • FREQUENCY – 145.3050 -0.6000
  • XMTR & RCVR – ICOM-RP2000V
  • ANTENNA – Celwave Super Station Master, 5db gain
  • DUPLEXER – Wacom 6 can 300 watt
  • LOCATION – WMTV, TV channel 15 (west side of Madison)
  • HEIGHT – 750 ft. (1800ft. MSL)
  • Repeater Status: Connected to the internet

To program your radio for use on this repeater:

  1. Set your radio to DV (Digital Voice) mode
  2. Program the “MYCALL” callsign with your call, and use spaces to fill all 8 characters. For example, WJ9H would need 4 spaces after the H to fill all 8 characters.
  3. Program “URCALL” to “CQCQCQ” plus 2 spaces for a total of 8 characters.
  4. Program “RPT1” as “W9HSY__C”. That’s “W9HSY” followed by 2 spaces, then “C”. The “C” signifies the 2 meter port on the repeater stack.
  5. Program “RPT2” as “W9HSY__G”. Use the same spacing as above, but the “G” specifies the internet gateway.
  6. Set your receive frequency to 145.305 MHz, and the offset to -600 kHz. There is no PL tone to set in digital voice mode.
  7. Save these settings in a memory location.
  8. You do not need to be a member of MARA to use the D-Star repeater. However, only registered users are allowed to use the internet gateway to speak to users on other repeaters or reflectors. If you are not registered, your transmissions will only be heard locally on the repeater output.
  9. To set up a link to the “Wisconsin Reflector”, otherwise known as Reflector 19B, use the same settings as above, but change the URCALL to “REF019BL”. Save these settings in another memory location.
  10. Also set up a memory location to turn off the link, which is a URCALL setting of “_______U”
    (7 spaces plus “U”).
  11. To turn on the link to Reflector 19B, choose your link memory channel set up in step 8 and key up the repeater. The system should reply “Remote system linked.” Recall your standard memory channel with URCALL set to CQCQCQ to talk normally.
  12. To unlink the W9HSY repeater from the Reflector, choose your “unlink” memory channel set up in step 9 and briefly key up. The system should reply “Remote system unlinked.”

The Wisconsin D-Star net is held every Sunday night at 9:00 PM Central Time and Wednesday night at 7:00 PM Central Time on REF019B.

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