Membership Information

Welcome to the Madison Area Repeater Association (MARA).

As a member of MARA, your dues help to support the work of the association, particularly the maintenance and improvement of our repeaters in the Madison Area. In addition you are eligible to vote in MARA elections and at MARA Membership meetings. As a member your call sign is added to those call signs that are able to connect to external D-Star reflectors. Non-members are only able to communicate locally. You do not have to join to use our repeaters, we maintain these for recreational and emergency use for any licensed Amateur in the area. But as Amateurs most of us also realize that maintenance and improvement of Amateur communications infrastructure is not free. We are continually updating and improving the services we provide and your membership helps. You are welcome to examine the costs of maintaining these repeaters at any time by going to the Treasurer’s Page and reading the periodic reports to the membership.

To Join please fill out the application form and submit it. Once you’ve submitted the form you will be given a link where you can pay your membership dues for the year.